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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

I'll introduce myself my name is Magna Pett Marvy M. Castroverde. I look like a chinese girl I got black hair not to short and not to long hair that I have. I went to school in ST. Charles Garnier School. My subjects are Science, History,Geograpy,Spelling,Math, Language and French. I live in Toronto, Canada.

I'll also try to include some pictures that I feel represent me. For example, I might include a picture from my favorite movie or TV show, or a photo of a prized possession...for example, my car:

A truck; Size=240 pixels wide

Favorite Quotes

In this area, I might include quotes I like or that I feel capture my feelings, for example:

The most I can do for my friends is simply be there friends.
-Sandra,Angelica,Melissa,Justine,Nicole and Kelly.

Favorite Stuff

I like to ride a horse.It suppose to look like black hair, brown skin and fast.I've never ride a horse so that a want to try. My favourite subjects are Spelling,Geography, Art and History.The subjects that really challenging me are Math, Science and especially French i've got a lot of trouble in understanding it.I'm 12 years old and in December i'll turn in 13.

Favorite TV Show: Survivor,Amazing Race, American Idol,America's next top model.

Favorite Movie: Spiderman 1&2,Harry Potter,X men, Kicking & Screamin

Favorite Music: 12 step,destiny's child,yeah.

Favorite Book: Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Event

Favorite Sports Team: Raptors, toronto rocks,blue jays.

Favorite Food: Turkey,lettuce,carrots,spaggetti

People I Most Admire: Shane Battier,Johnny Nitro, John Cena,Brittny Spears , Jennifer Garnier , RVD, Nick Lachey and Cameron diaz,Tom WElling,Kristen Kreuk , Eric Johnson,Josh Holloway.

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.